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Pre-requisite: the web server where scripts are going to be installed shall run at least PHP 5.x. No database is required.
  1. Unpack the zip file in the main directory of you web site. Nothing more to do if you need only italian thesaurus, unless you wish to add more dictionaries!
  2. You can add english, french, german and spanish dictionaries and arabic dictionary by unpacking zip content in the directory 'dict'.
  3. To check the correct installation, try to browse the index.php page using your favorite web browser.


It is possible to expand languages capabilities by downloading other thesaurus available in a number of languages. If you want to add further dictionaries then you should visit OpenOffice extensions.

The filename of a dictionary is like: th_lc_CC.dat, where lc_CC is the language code. The filename of an index is like: th_lc_CC.idx. Note that a language is coded as lc_CC, where lc (language code) is defined by ISO 639-1 and CC (Country Code) is defined by ISO 3166.

Web Service

A web service that serves requests from remote applications is available here. There are examples in PHP and Javascript to start writing your own web-enabled client applications!

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A live demo is available here, integrated in my web portal!