The service script provides a simple RESTful API to get synonyms of a given word in the context of a specific language. An application can retrieve the synonyms by using a HTTP GET. The service script can return results either using xml or json format.

Query Parameters

The following parameters are supported by the sinonimi Web service:

word*(urlencoded string)
language*it_IT, fr_FR, en_US, es_ES, de_DE (other values may be allowed depending on dictionaries stored in directory 'dict')
outputxmlxml or json
*: mandatory parameter

Query parameters are preceded by a question mark ("?") and separated by ampersands ("&") and consist of the parameter name, an equals sign ("="), and a value.

Response content

The sinonimi Web service returns a sequence of elements list. Each list element contains a pair of elements: category and synonyms. The element synonyms contains a list of synonyms separated by the character |.
The detailed schema can be downloaded synonymResponse.xsd.

The query word=city and language=town will return the following result:

xml output (test me!)
<response> <list><category>(noun)</category><synonyms>metropolis|urban center|municipality</synonyms></list> <list><category>(noun)</category><synonyms>administrative district|administrative division|territorial division</synonyms></list> <list><category>(noun)</category><synonyms>metropolis|municipality</synonyms></list> </response>

json output (test me!)
{"response":[{"list":{"category":"(noun)","synonyms":"metropolis|urban center|municipality"}},{"list":{"category":"(noun)","synonyms":"administrative district|administrative division|territorial division"}},{"list":{"category":"(noun)","synonyms":"metropolis|municipality"}}]}

Error codes

The following error codes may be returned by the sinonimi Web service:

error codedescription
400 Bad RequestWrong/Missing parameter
404 Not FoundNo match found for given word
405 Method Not AllowedMethods PUT,DELETE,POST,... are rejected. Only GET is allowed

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